This month we welcomed The Year of the Goat and in true New Year tradition, we have 8 tips that will help you declutter, re-invent and energise your social sphere for new opportunities in 2015.

Give your platforms a spring clean.
Audit your existing social platforms to assess the performance and relevance of your channels. By shutting down any platforms that have not been used in years, or those that you do not see having any long term value, you will open up time and resources to other marketing channels.

Explore beyond social.
Mobile messaging apps, such as Whatsapp and Snapchat, have continued to rise in consumer popularity. These platforms are ripe for innovative marketing strategies to develop. Evaluate the opportunities for to connecting with your consumers through additional avenues.

Keep your social eyes and ears open.
Listen to the valuable insights your consumers, competitors and industry influencers are posting. The information you receive can be used to improve your social media strategy, enabling you to stand out from the social media clutter. Listening to your customers is the first step for designing an innovative marketing strategy.

Mobile, Mobile Mobile!
If your website is not mobile optimised – you’re in the wrong century. With smartphone penetration expected to hit 2.5billion in 2015, we need to ensure all online content is optimised for mobile.

Implement a testing culture.
It’s hard getting it right all the time. However by conducting A/B split campaign testing across your social and digital content, you’ll be able to understand the types of content that works better for your consumers.

Improve the user experience.
The Year of the Goat is making us think more about how humans and digital experiences can converge. Businesses must improve the user experience of their digital content. Sending a direct message that has been personalised, is a simple way of converging a human experience into a digital one.

You have to know where you stand in the present to map out your future. The same applies to you social media strategy. By investing in a social media analytics tool, you’ll ensure the right data and metrics are provided to track your ROI.

Social is not just linked with online platforms.
Platforms such as Slack are enabling employees to talk beyond the confines of their department, helping your company achieve optimal efficiency, by streamlining internal processes, improving better work efficiency and communications. Platforms like Slack are breaking down the barriers of in-house structures and opening the doors for innovation.