Bad news- it’s Blue Monday, the most miserable day of the year. Good news – the whole concept was part of PR stunt by Sky Travel that’s still earning them dividends 13 years on…

Blue or not, happiness is important. So to help you through this rather ominous day, I’ve taken Action for Happiness’ 10 keys to happier living:

1. Giving 

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

-Winston Churchill

Those who give their time, energy and kindness are often the biggest winners.

2. Relating

Who matters the most to you? How often do you connect? At Make Happy, relationships are at the centre of what we do, that’s why maintaining a happy relationship with our clients and colleagues is so important to us.

3. Exercising

You know what they say about a healthy body… a healthy mind. We’ve all heard about the health benefits associated with regular exercise: lower blood pressure, reduced stress, higher self-esteem, to name a few!

4. Appreciating

Time flies, doesn’t it? Perspective is a wonderful thing. Take time to take a step back.

5. Trying Out

When we learn something new it feels good. It questions our beliefs and makes us engaged and curious. At Make Happy we endeavour to create a challenging but safe culture that promotes learning and experimentation.

6. Direction

What would you like to have achieved this time next year? What about in the next month or even in the next hour? Why not try the website Small Improvements, we’ve found it to be a great way of keeping track of goals and achievements.

7. Resilience

In an uplifting Ted talk, Angela Duckworth talks about the key to success- grit. Grit means being resilient to failure. The best bit is that resilience isn’t something we are born with, but something we can all learn.


Choose to take a positive approach. Make happy.

9. Acceptance

Perhaps the most difficult one of the bunch: be comfortable with who you are. Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.

10. Meaning

Be part of something greater than yourself. Easier said than done, but those who do experience less stress, anxiety and depression.

Implement these 10 keys for happier living! Just remember- GREAT DREAM.