Each summer, Britain gears up for the biggest tournament in tennis. From tennis enthusiasts to the “the only sporting event I watch is Wimbledon”-ers, everyone tunes in to see the athletes show down on Centre Court. Brands tune in too, and the sponsors this year are serving up new creative ways to get their audience’s attention.

Using content, emotions, product placement and celebrities, Jaguar, Evian and Lavazza make the top of the list of this year’s Wimbledon sponsors. And each brand has a special hashtag, of course.

Jaguar is providing 170 luxurious vehicles to shuttle around important Wimbledon-ers. Keep your eye out for those sleek cars, but also pop over to the brand’s microsite, feelwimbledon.co.uk. Using cutting-edge technology, Jaguar is measuring crowd energy and reactions through atmospheric sensors and wearables. All of the data gathered—from a single heart racing to an entire group chanting—can be found on the microsite in the form of infographics and videos. The brand isn’t forgetting social media though. It will be tracking fan reactions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all to be posted on the microsite. Or just follow #FeelWimbeldon for the latest emotional updates. Jaguar really plans to show how Wimbledon is truly all about “the art of performance.”

This year, Evian, the tournament’s official water, has plunged into content creation to prove its relevance throughout the championship. Keep up with #wimblewatch, Evian’s daily video series hosted by celebs, bloggers and fans showing their reactions to the games. Micro-episodes will be released each morning on wimbledon.com. Also encouraging fan social media use, Evian is asking fans to share their reactions on Twitter or Instagram tagged with #wimblewatch, promising that top posts to be made into a video leading up to the finals.

On July 1, spectators will have the chance to queue up for a “Lavazza coffee break” with international tennis celebs Caroline Wozniacki, Judy Murray and Toni Nadal. These stars will serve espressos, cappuccinos and cold brew to tennis fanatics. Not forgetting social media, fans can also enter a contest to win a coffee break with Wozniacki at the US Open by tweeting #moretotaste.

Each of these brands wants to gain a strong awareness among the fans and capture the uniquely British athletic and summery spirit that makes Wimbledon, Wimbledon.

Photo by Alosh Bennett/Flickr/CC BY 2.0