We are excited to see that CPSI have just announced their 2013 international conference, to be held in Buffalo, NY, on June 20-23 2013, focusing on creativity, innovation and change movement.

CPSI remains the leading conference dedicated to the teaching and practice of creative skills and as a result attracts top business leaders, educators, practitioners from all over the world, including our very own Jonathan Bannister. As a regular attendee, Jonathan credits much of the knowledge and expertise that he brings to our clients to the teachings of conference speakers and the opportunity to brainstorm with the like minded individuals he encounters over the three days. Therefore, these conferences have provided the foundations for a lot of the Make Happy workshops and strategy building techniques we employ. At full price it is incredibly good value but with a 40% discount for the first 60 guests who sign up, we cannot recommend it highly enough. For more details just give Jonathan a ring and he can talk you through his experiences.