Starting a new business can be equal parts terrifying and exciting. Finally stepping out of the familiar into something new and innovative is scary. And that is why having clarity over your business model is vital.

This may seem an obvious statement, but it’s no easy task to put together a comprehensive business plan, and you can often get lost in the different elements. If you’re feeling slightly at sea with how all the elements of your business fit together, a great tool can be a Business Model Canvas.

It’s one of our favourite tools for clients and it can be incredibly beneficial to project your entire business plan ‘at a glance’ onto a single page, so you can see where it might be going wrong.

Or adopt the Make Happy approach and scale it up and build a life-size business model on your wall, with post-it notes galore. This interactive version can help you get hands-on with the different elements of your business and has the benefit of being editable

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