Every marketer knows that dogs maketh the internet. If you want to ensure the success of your online campaign, stick a dog in it. Even better, a pug.

So you might think that animal charity the Dog’s Trust, with an abundance of cute canines to populate their site and social channels, have it pretty easy.

They aren’t resting on their laurels though. They are maximising the impact of everything they do with some really smart online marketing. Here are 5 reasons I love what they’re doing:

 1. Clear calls to action throughout their site

The donate button, the primary action the Trust want people to take on their website, is prominently placed throughout. This makes it so easy for people to give, and therefore much more likely to.

Dog's Trust Homepage

 2. Highly shareable, contextual images

Pictures of pups are always going to be shared and liked online. However, the Dog’s Trust have been really clever by creating these highly sharable images which contain all the relevant information. So the context of the image, including contact details and Trust branding, is never lost, wherever the image ends up.

Dog looking for a home on Facebook

3. A truly useful and outrageously adorable Youtube channel

The Youtube channel has a fantastic mix of content that is very useful, like dog training tips, and very cute, like William the Bouncing Agility Star.

Dog's Trust Youtube channel example

4. Encyclopaedic content on their website

They also have a fantastic index of resources on dog breeds and general advice for dog owners on their website. This sort of encyclopaedic content is very likely to be linked to from other sites and is therefore fantastic for SEO purposes.

Dog's Trust resource index

5. The cheeky puns

Well you wouldn’t want the site to be stuffed with doggie puns. That would be a dog’s dinner. But a little pun now and then, that’s just pawsome.

Search bar for Dog's Trust using 'fetch' pun

So hats off to the Dog’s Trust and their digital marketing team. What’s fantastic about the items I have highlighted, is that they are not expensive, and I should imagine are delivering the charity a lot of value.

What other charities do you think are rocking their online marketing?