London Tech Week is a yearly gathering boasting hundreds of events and pitching opportunities for techies within and across many industries: retail, education, cyber security, marketing and advertising. Industry-specific offshoots of Tech Week have also emerged, the next being the world’s first Food Tech Week, running from 16 October 2015.

The week will bring together talent to collaborate and showcase technological trends disrupting the food and agricultural landscape. There’ll be events fronted by industry game-changers, a hackathon, a pitching event for food tech start-ups at the Google campus, and a Hackney TEDxTalk on the future of food.

Food and drink start-ups have enjoyed a significant boom of late. Incubators such as The Kitchenette and The Grocery are tickling London’s taste buds by helping start-ups grow, and pop-ups are finding spaces to succeed all over the city.

Food technology has particularly capitalised on this boom: delivery giants HungryHouse and Just Eat have become household names, Deliveroo are bringing the nation’s favourite restaurants straight to our doors for just £2 a pop, Graze are delivering personalised healthy snacks through our letterbox, and Hubbub are challenging tradition by offering home delivery from small businesses in efforts to triumph against the supermarket monopoly. In short, industry innovators are changing the way we buy, think about and consume food.

As the founders of Food Tech Week state, the week’s purpose is “to unite the food tech community for the first time, in a meaningful way, to forge vital food tech partnerships and foster collaboration for the good of all.”

In my opinion, it’s about time technology is  put to good use in an industry so intrinsically linked to public health and wellbeing.

Photo by Moyan Brenn Flickr // CC BY 2.0