This month Make Happy turned the grand old age of 3. They say all good things come in threes, like Back to the Future films, members of Destiny’s Child, Fifty Shades of Grey books (ahem not that we’ve read them)…so it got us to thinking about putting together some top three lists of our favourite things on the internet. So here they are in all their threesome glory:

Top three marketing sites:

  1. For solid, measured digital marketing advice
  2. For bang up to date opinion and a breathtaking level of free resource
  3. And for all round general magnificence, the one and only

Top three sites for design inspiration 

  1. There’s just lots of lovely stuff on
  2. showcases the beautiful and surprising
  3. www. design is the perfect mid afternoon inspiration pick me up

Top three famous people who share our birthday month

  1.  Still rocking, Alice Cooper
  2. ‘What do you mean I’m funny?’, he’s a Goodfella is Joe Pesci
  3.  Still Pretty in Pink, all round 80s super-crush Molly Ringwald