Are you finding your newsletter open rates are a bit low? Putting time and effort into writing your newsletter content but disappointed with the fact that very few people open it? In this article, you’ll figure out how to make your open rates GROW.

But first of all, a quick reminder of what an open rate actually is:

It is the percentage that tells you how many people on your email list effectively open your message.

Across all industries in the UK, the average open rate for marketing email campaigns is around 20 %. Of course, that rate fluctuates according to the different industries.


So, let’s get started! The first thing you need to ask yourself is: Why would your addressees open your newsletter?

In order to answer that question, be aware that your addressees actually see 2 things when they get your email in their inbox (assuming it doesn’t go straight in their spam folder): the subject line & the “from” address!


1. Your Subject Line :

  • Keep it short! If your subject line is too long, there’s a chance that your addressees won’t see it entirely, and therefore, will miss your message, which is not what you want.
  • Don’t hesitate to personalise your message –  don’t be shy to use first or last names, this personalisation helps readers feel you’re writing to them as an individual and are more likely to open your email.
  • Play with the idea of emergency. In order to motivate people, make use of expressions such as “Last Hours” or “Last Days”. BUT, remember to not overuse them if you want your content to be credible.
  • Make use of special characters in order to stand out.


2. Your “From” Address :

Obvious though it may seem, make sure you choose a name that will be automatically recognisable to the people you are talking to.


Once you’ve nailed this, you should also consider:

  • The sending time. Think about what would be the best time for your target to read your newsletter. The good news is that there’s a wealth of literature online about the best time to send a newsletter, so that hard work has been done for you.
  • The number of emails you’re sending. Don’t harass your database but send enough emails so you’re being consistent and stick in their mind. (In other words, find the right balance for your audience!)
  • The Anti-Spam filters. Do your best in order not to end up in the spam folder. Amongst other things, keep your email database up-to-date and keep your content engaging. (make sure people on your list are interested in you. Otherwise, they may mark you as spam, which would be very bad for your reputation). A few other things to consider: Avoid purchased lists; maintain a good text to image ratio; provide a clear opt-out link, …
  • Don’t forget that there is no magic formula. Get to understand your target and what they are more responsive to! Don’t forget to try things out: play around with the sending time, your subject line style, … Find what performs the best for your mailing list.


Now that you know everything you need to increase the number of people opening your emails, no excuses, let’s rock it ! Once you have applied these tips to your newsletters, we’d love to hear how your open rates have increased.