Maintaining a motivated your team can be challenging at times.

Here are some simple tips to help you motivate individuals to produce high quality work in a timely manner:

Create a culture that celebrates and rewards success

People love being praised for their efforts. Create a culture in your organisation where high quality work is celebrated. This will encourage individuals to work harder.

Inform individuals of why their work is important

If an individual feels as though they have been assigned a trivial task, they may lack motivation. However, if they understand that the team is relying on the completion of the task, they may feel more motivated to finish it.

Value staff

Employees want to feel valued and as though their work is important.

Remind people of what they need to do

This provides a gentle nudge to suggest that you are waiting for the work to be completed. Consequently, once they know someone is actively waiting for their task to be completed, they may do it quicker.

Appoint inspiring leaders

Having persuasive role models within a company can be especially useful when motivating staff and articulating a clear vision and goals.

Provide opportunities for development

Individuals may feel more motivated if they know their work will contribute to their development.

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