As my last week at Make Happy looms, I appreciate more and more the amazing experience I had interning here.

Compared to fellow students, my internship was superior because I was able to work on “REAL” things. I wasn’t just the “go get coffee” intern (even though I did make some tea here and there), but was assigned a range of tasks – from research to writing a few blogs – tasks that actually mattered. I was able to sit in on real client meetings, gain invaluable insight on how marketing firms run, and share in a culture and working environment that made me love this little office on Berry St.

This is a great company not just because of the work that is produced, but because of the people that work here. They’re smart, they’re mentors, and they’re just nice people. As an American student, I was welcomed instantly into the lovely family that makes Make Happy, and for that I am beyond thankful and grateful.

This whole experience was an adventure of a lifetime. Not just interning but living in London, reaffirmed my lifelong obsession with everything British. I was able to absorb what makes London the way it is, even if it was only for 3 months. From learning how to make the “proper cup of tea” to seeing years of rich history on every corner, this place has so much to offer. I know I took a chance in crossing the Atlantic, but it was the best decision I’ve made in my short life. I experienced things I never will again – spotting the Queen, getting a pint at the local pub’s trivia night, trying to figure out night buses, to getting a selfie with Mr. Darcy (Matthew MacFayden)… I know I’m going to be telling these stories to my grandkids.

So in the end, when I return to my dorm room covered in Union Jacks, all I can say is Cheers London – until we meet again!