We’ve just done our first Pecha Kucha session at the Make Happy office, covering topics like the rules of cricket, surviving life on a narrow boat and the marketing strategies of British Airways. So what is Pecha Kucha? And why would you want to do one?

Simply put, it is a presentation format where you show 20 slides for just 20 seconds. The idea is that it simplifies and focuses talks, only having 20 seconds keeps things interesting and moving along. It started in Japan in 2003 (the word literally means ‘chit-chat’) and now Pecha Kucha nights are held in over 700 cities around the world!

Doing a Pecha Kucha was a great way to reinforce what’s really important when putting together a presentation. The format definitely gave me some points to think about next time I am presenting. As ever, structure, pacing and having simple defined points are the key.

The foundation of a great Pecha Kucha is to focus on a topic you are passionate about and will enjoy sharing. The beauty is that it’s a really accessible medium and pretty much anyone can get up and have a go. It’s also just a great way to practice your presentation skills.

Have you been to a Pecha Kucha night before? Or have you presented one yourself? What did you think?