Our longstanding partners at Short Form Film have just been awarded a Lovie award for animation for their WillShake film. Directed by Joe Talbot, one of the co-founders of the company, we think it is an impressive portrayal of the much loved Macbeth story by William Shakespeare in a way that can capture the imaginations of children and create excitement for his literary works.

Joe Talbot let us in on what was his inspiration for directing the film,

At school the idea of introducing Shakespeare to children under the age of 10 was unheard of. My feelings were, that like a foreign language, unless the seeds are sewed early it gets increasingly difficult to switch into the Bard. The difference with WillShake is that it is character driven, not plot. It is fun whilst still staying true to the most famous lines from each play which a parent could easily recite to their child.

We now need people to vote for the people’s Lovie Awards so check out the film and voting page below and would be great to hear your thoughts.

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WillShake from Short Form Film Company on Vimeo.