If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare this afternoon, have a read of this intriguing blog from Econsultancy. In it, David Moth revisits 20 ‘mind blowing’ social media stats they published 3 years ago (3 millenia in social media years).  Nowadays, somehow, they just don’t seem quite so mindblowing. Here are a few examples so you get the picture:

  • Then: LinkedIn had more than 50m members worldwide.
  • Now: LinkedIn has 259m members after increasing its user base by 40% in a year.
  • Then: Facebook had 350m monthly active users.
  • Now: Facebook has 1.19bn monthly active users.

So the 2010 stats don’t seem so awe inspiring anymore, but the pace of change, seems to me, pretty mind blowing. I wonder what we’ll think of the 2013 numbers when we look back in 2016?