This week our EUSA intern Victoria considers ‘weird advertising’ – just how far will advertisers go to get our attention?

The commute is finally over. You’ve survived another day and you can finally put your feet up and switch on the TV and relax. As always, your favourite program is interrupted again and again by commercials that are all beginning to look the same.

In one day alone, the UK as a whole watches 2.8 billion ads according to Even as an Advertising Major, I am sick of it all. The voice-overs, the dish soap, the moms getting her kid to smile over a plate of steamy vegetables – it’s a little repetitive wouldn’t you say?

I’m not the only one noticing. The clutter is everywhere. Yet, how can anyone stand out?

A few companies  have realised the solution is to be a little different, even that means borderline crazy.

One of the prime examples of being quirky yet interesting is Skittles. Watch two of their strangest ads here and here. What on earth does a talking horse figurine or an old lady and a cloud have to do with coloured candies? I guess that’s their point. It doesn’t make sense and that is what makes their message stick in your head.

One of the weird throwback advertisements of 2012 to prove my point is “Jammie,” the singing and piano-playing monkey.  Yes, you heard me…. it’s a monkey singing a rock and roll song to get you and I to buy cookies. Makes sense right?

My final example has to be the classic Cadbury. This brand always has a way of using odd concepts, yet making you crave chocolate. I am not exactly sure what a guerilla drum playing to Phil Collins and dancing eyebrows have to do with chocolate, but their range of commercials do seem to get noticed.

So instead of getting bombarded with that same old scripted ad, appreciate those companies who are willing to take a chance to be a little out there. Even if it may be borderline disturbing, they tried right?