Whether you are looking to implement structural, strategic or cultural changes, it is important to consider a range of factors when driving change in your organisation.

Change in business is not only essential, it is inevitable. The environment organisations function in is constantly changing. Therefore, for a company to gain or maintain a competitive edge they must adapt and change. Moreover, optimising processes and enhancing services/products requires change. Implementing change, especially in a large organisation, is much easier ‘said than done’. Here are some suggestions help you drive change.

Have shared vision and everyone being on board

For change to occur across multiple departments it is crucial that they are all on the same page, and not fighting one another.

Utilise leadership

In times of turmoil people often look towards leaders. People need to understand why something different is happening and what impact that will have directly on their role. Leaders should use storytelling to convince people why the change is important and necessary. They should also behave as role models.

Develop skills to complement the change

If you are trying to create a culture which fosters empathy or entrepreneurship, teach your employees some skills and techniques to do so.

Manage your expectations

A new business won’t be built overnight. It is important to create an action plan, which includes deadlines, who is responsible and KPIS to measure the success.

Hire those who embrace change

When recruiting consider if the candidates are agile. This will help in the future when you seek to drive adapt.

Ask for people’s input

People are more likely to be on board if they feel as though they had some say. A problem with this though is that too many cooks can ruin the soup, and with too many opinions coming to an agreed solution may not occur. Make sure to strike the balance here!

Reinforce behaviour

Have incentives for people to act in accordance with the change. This will encourage behaviours that complement the changes you are trying to succeed.

Review the impact it will have over the whole business

If you want to transform the culture or strategy of your organisation you should map out how this looks and how will be achieved in each aspect of the company. To help with this try using our canvases.