We have all experienced a state where we are just ‘in the zone’. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, developed the notion of ‘flow’, which can be described as a state where you absorb into the present moment, and you are fully focused on the task.

How do you know you are in flow?

  • You loose track of time
  • You are not distracted by other tasks and your thoughts don’t wander
  • You are solely focused by the task at hand
  • You feel energised and happy
  • You aren’t focused on yourself
  • You feel in control of the task at hand
  • You feel rewarded

How to enter this state?

  • Eliminate distractions – turn off notifications, remove yourself from people who may distract you
  • Have the right balance between challenge and skill

In our workshops, we take people in and out of flow to get participants to delve deep into into different topics.

Check out this video with Jonathan, the founder of Make Happy, showcasing the power of the flow state and how it interacts with our learning.