We sometimes marry the idea of creativity with the arts, and forget about how vital creative thinking is in all aspects of life, including business. Creativity is vital for business for the following reasons:

Competitive edge

In order to win the hearts of customers, it is crucial that business constantly innovate their products/services so they outshine their competitors and win customer loyalty.

Increases productivity

Creativity enables individuals to do things differently. It enables individuals to work smarter and come up with creative solution to complex problems.

Adapt to the environment

There is no doubt that over the past few years businesses have had to adapt to the challenges posed to them by Covid. Gyms have created online classes, restaurants have online delivery systems in place, and retail shops have embraced augmented reality. Consumer trends are constantly shifting, and businesses must adapt to meet their needs. Creative thinking is essential in tackling challenges.

Positive employees

Discovering creative solutions to complex problems can enhance work and make it more enjoyable. By creating an environment that fosters creative thinking and risk taking individuals will produce more innovative work and will experience higher satisfaction.

Discover new solutions

Creative thinking enables individuals to analyse problems from numerous angles and assess which is the best way to tackle it. Creative individuals within your organisation will improve your value proposition, as well as seek opportunities to enhance the efficiency of internal processes.

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