Invented by Johan Roos and Bart Victor, Lego serious play (LSP) draws upon the notion of time limited play, imagination and storytelling. We love LSP for the following reasons.

Lego Serious Play models on business model canvas


Lego Serious Play creates an inclusive environment where everyone can participate in discussion. This is because building is not only easy but it gives people the time to reflect on their answers to questions. Allocating time to model individually, and then feedback to the group, means an individual cannot completely dominate a discussion.


Creating shared models enables teams to come together. They will consider every angle of a problem and develop a unique solution. Using LSP helps foster a collaborative environment where everyone has to listen to others, allowing every team member to contribute.

Encourages learning

When a model is in 3D from we often engage with it more than a 2D one. A 3D lego model of ‘communication’ is far more memorable than a 2D one. Due to this participants of a lego serious play workshop may experience greater levels of concentration when considering topics or problems. As a result solutions to tough problems may emerge from a LSP workshop.

Delves deep into topics

LSP is super adaptable. It can be used to think deeply and discuss any topic. It can may enhance our creative thinking and uncover insights.

Super fun

We love the energy that LSP brings. It really shakes things up and brings a unique enthusiasm to our workshops.