At the start of the pandemic we faced the challenge of embracing virtual meetings. As some return to offices, we are now tasked with enhancing hybrid meetings.

Hybrid meetings are predicted to continue with a survey from McKinsey reporting that 90% of organisations will combine on-site and remote working. Hybrid meetings are where some people are in a (physical) meeting room and others are dialling in virtually. Some simple tips and tricks to make these meetings, not only run smoother but also more effective are:

1. Position the camera and in-person participants tactically

Whilst this may sound super simple there is nothing worse than people online not being able to see facial expressions or hear what is being said. This stops them participating. Another top tip is to make those dialling in life size, so that the in-room participants feel as though they are talking to individuals.

2. Embrace technology

We at Make Happy are huge fans of Miro, an online whiteboard, but there are loads of online tools to choose from. Using a tool like this instead of a whiteboard in person can create an inclusive environment where anyone can jot down ideas. Plus it makes the person who usually writes everything on the board’s life much easier.

3. Encourage participation

It may a bit daunting if you are the only person dialling in remotely and often that person may feel slightly forgotten about in the meeting room. Asking questions and empowering people to participate will not only level up your meetings but will enhance your teams’ dynamic.

4. Set an agenda and develop an action plan

Like any other meeting it is crucial to have a purpose for the hybrid meeting, as well as key actions to take away. This will encourage you to kick start a new project or continue to tackle one.

5. Assign a leader

Having a leader in the meeting or a facilitator can help create an inclusive environment. They may ensure that everyone is listened to and that the meeting stays on track.

Try out these tips to upgrade your hybrid meetings and keep in mind that with any new challenge it is important to stress test solutions, to see what works for your organisation.