Storytelling has always fascinated people due to its power persuade and spark an emotional response.

Well-told stories regarding a brand have the power to influence the customer’s perception of the brand and storytelling can increase customer trust and loyalty.

To tell a great story and really resonate with your reader, you don’t just need a start, middle and an end. To create a powerful brand story make sure you have the following:


Stories need a level of excitement to capture someone’s attention. If a supermarket released an advert showcasing someone walking to a supermarket and buying their shopping and then heading home, everyone would be bored to death. Instead something needs to happen to spark interest. Stories need complications, a turning point and action. Freytag’s pyramid is a storytelling structure that is based on Greek theatre. It involves having acts to take the audience on a journey.


Individuals will be persuaded more strongly by a story if it relates to them. Really determine who your target audience, for help with this try filling out a personas canvas. Tell stories around your brand which relate to your target audience’s pains and gains.

Credible teller

You need to be trustworthy. There is no point telling a story about how much you are doing to help the planet if news has been reported suggesting the total opposite. By doing so you are are painting yourself as untrustworthy and greenwashing.

To immerse the reader

Draw your readers in. The more likely you are to immerse them, the more like you are to persuade them.


If stories told by brands are too complex our minds tend not to focus on them as they require too much mental energy. Make your story easy to digest.