It’s a situation we’ve all found ourselves in: you’re reaching for your fourth cup of coffee of the day, procrasta-caffeinating, instead of getting to that piece of content you REALLY don’t want to write.

“How can I say the same thing for the eighth time in a different way?”

“How am I supposed to research a topic I know nothing about and build engaging content around it?”

It can be difficult to stay on top of those small tasks at work that perhaps are not the most stimulating. Apart from the obvious ‘you are paid to do this’ solution, it can be tough to find methods of applying your best creative mind to executing these problems.

Well fear not, we’ve got some handy tips for you.


1. Use. Your. Lunch Hour. 

In the UK, we have culture of working through lunch, hunched over a sandwich, without taking a proper break. Leave your desk, move your limbs and get some fresh air. If not, you can bet that by the time 3pm rolls around, the afternoon slump has hit you hard and you’ve burnt out for the day. Taking even 30 minutes to get out of your office and giving your mind a break from work makes all the difference to productivity.


2. Tackle your Most Daunting Task First

It’s not what we want to do, but getting those pesky, less enjoyable projects finished first and out of the way creates a sense of achievement that will carry you through the day, knowing that you only have more enjoyable tasks ahead. Trust us, this one works.


3. Make a To-Do List

The worker’s best friend: the humble to-do list.  To-do lists are an invaluable tool not just for organisation, but to attain a sense of achievement. The act of ticking off your daily tasks helps you feel productive and puts at bay the overwhelming workload panic of a Monday morning. Nothing fancy, just a piece of paper and a pen, and a sense of gradual achievement. Simple, but effective.


4. Fill your Weekends

Tempting as it is to catch up on those precious sleep hours and stay in bed until lunchtime on a Sunday, filling your weekend with activities, seeing friends and even boring household chores can help you feel more settles and focused at work. Knowing that you’re being productive socially and domestically at the weekends reduces the angst of feeling like you’re work/life balance are encroaching on each other. But be sure to take some time to relax too. Everything in moderation.


Putting these tips into practice as part of your work routine should help see your motivation and productivity soar. And if all else fails, there’s always coffee.