Effectual Reasoning is a logic often utilised by expert entrepreneurs. Effectual Reasoning requires creativity, risk-taking and an acceptance of surprises as part of the entrepreneurial landscape. In contrast, causation processes focus on pre-set goals, predicting the future and aiming to avoid surprises.

Effectual Reasoning has five principles. One of which is bird-in-hand which states that entrepreneurs begin with given means: “who they are, what they know and whom they know”. Another is Patchwork Quilt which describes how entrepreneurs build partnerships with stakeholders and co-create new markets together.

We can apply the Effectual Reasoning principles of bird-in-hand and Patchwork Quilt to facilitators and coaches.

Context of WeWent

WeWent have created an international network of learning experts, facilitators and business coaches. The aim of the online space is for professionals to learn and solve challenges together, share best practices and exchange collaboration opportunities together.

They believe in communities of people that rise together.

WeWent utilise and follow the Effectual Reasoning principles (Bird -in-hand and Patchwork Quilt). Some examples of this in practice are:

  • WeWent hold open monthly spaces where facilitators can share ideas and brainstorm. They also use their network to evaluate their own marketing strategies. Facilitators make use of “who they are, what they know and whom they know” (Bird-in-hand)
  • WeWent advocate for the cross-pollination of marketing between facilitators. Group chats allow facilitators and coaches to share marketing posts and promote engagement (comments/reactions/shares) if they feel that this adds values. This creates a network of facilitators who promote each others work and unite to increase collective brand awareness (Patchwork Quilt)
  • WeWent share job opportunities on a communal page rather than keeping them hidden. This aim is for facilitators and coaches to view each other as collaborators/partners rather than following the casual reasoning process that assumes organisations are competitors and strategy should be focused to enhance competition (Patchwork Quilt)

Make Happy & Effectual Reasoning

At Make Happy we are practising the principles of Effectual Reasoning and engaging in the WeWent online community and open spaces. This enables us to collaborate with other facilitators, brainstorm and evaluate potential marketing ideas and increase our awareness of potential new business opportunities.

How might you use the principles of Effectual Reasoning to improve your practice and generate more opportunities?